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BCreative Consulting provides freelance copywriting services and strategic consulting for companies, small businesses, creative artists and personal brands seeking to add value to their identity. Distinction is always in the details. As a freelance creative consultant, I partner with my clients to find the message, image and inspiration that will meaningfully connect what they do with an audience. For all its digital trickery, this is an age of authenticity. Social media and new marketing opportunities provide platforms for awareness but they must be used with purpose.

BCreative works closely with clients to craft all forms of content – website material, social media content, bios, articles, essays, speeches, e-books and ghostwritten longform material. All messages will resonate more when they are usefully informative, emotionally engaging and expressively concise. Audiences are built through a sustained commitment to excellence, inspiration, compelling information and stand-out creative talent. 


Barry Dumka has worked with many creative companies, small businesses, artists, photographers, personal brands and community non-profits to help them find the value and authentic virtues in their efforts. As a writer, Barry has authored the Foreword to Michael Levin’s successful monograph, Zebrato, (Dewi Lewis Publishing UK, currently available in its 3rd Edition) as well as content for Dina Goldstein’s Storyography, Stev’nn Hall’s Skylight and George Barr’s Why Photographs Work (Rocky Nook Publishing). He has worked on consulting and writing projects with clients throughout Canada, the US and the UK. More importantly, his clients have themselves achieved extraordinary success through their creative talent. 

Marketing and brand messaging has become more vital and personal and constant in recent years.  The digital experience opens every business and brand to a curious audience – and potential clients – on a 24/7 basis. SEO is key for getting the attention of algorithms but  every client is a real person and keeping their attention requires creative and engaging content. BCreative Consulting partners with companies to provide strategic counsel, message clarity and inspiring material to make the most of that meaningful connection.

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What do we offer?

A content strategy is not a Post-It note that says ‘post more’. And while the term content strategy contains the letters SEO, you still have to make fuller use of the alphabet. You must know your goals, define your audience and speak their language as much as your own. From brand stories to personal narratives, social media content to longform content, BCreative can help you make a plan and talk it through.

While the room on a website for creative content is ever-expandable, not a word (nor image) should be wasted space. Every detail matters. BCreative pays close attention to our clients – their needs, aims and inspirations – so we can pay closer attention to their content. The web is about intimacy and information. We create content that speaks to your audience in a way that matters and gets remembered.

It’s not good enough just to make a contact, you have to keep in contact. Social media provides many platforms to build a meaningful relationship with your audience. But being social means being seductive. Blogs, e-newsletters and Facebook content that is focused and inspired add to that attraction. BCreative crafts custom content that keeps your audience interested and coming back for more. 

 From editorials to webitorials, introductory book essays to individual blog content, artist statements to company bios – what you say is always a testament of who you are. BCreative ensures that those vows are spoken in a clear voice. With longform content, you have the opportunity to hold the attention of your audience for more than a minute. Use that time wisely – and creatively – and do your story some good.


The great thing about my clients is that they’re also people with voices all their own.

I discovered BCreative and immediately knew that I wanted to be a client and have Barry’s voice behind my work. After a number of personal conversations where Barry diligently gained understanding to my world and my artwork, he provided some much-needed assistance clarifying my message, artistic voice, and direction as a landscape photographer. He helped narrow and strengthen my collection of work to better connect with my collectors. Barry is much more than a writer – he is a strategist that works to better the content and presentation of his client while holding authenticity at the forefront. I am very appreciative to have found Barry and the service he provides and will definitely look forward to working with him again.   


Since the beginning of my career, Barry at BCreative has provided me with advice, ideas and the words to connect my photography to something more than the image alone. He has the rare ability to look critically and think imaginatively about my photographs and then write compelling content to get others to do the same. An international audience is now interested in what I do and Barry helps explain that better than anyone.  


Barry develops content with a clear strategic vision and then writes in a compelling, almost poetic voice. Every word feels right to me. He’s a great listener and critical independent thinker – both skills are useful for achieving my goals. I trust his judgment and always enjoy reading whatever he writes.


As a small business, Chromalink relies on interesting content to stay regularly engaged with our clients. Barry at BCreative has helped boost awareness and understanding of our services. His SEO and social media skills help target that conversation so Chromalink gets noticed for what matters.  Whatever our messaging needs, BCreative takes the time to get it right.


I find Barry to be exceptionally intelligent and creative, in addition to professional. He created a presence for my practice. I think he is authentic in his writing and has a keen eye. Observant and insightful.