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The Social Media Landscape – 7 Tips to Find Your Way Forward

Like plate tectonics, the social media landscape is always shifting. Sometimes with earthquaking force but more commonly as a rolling, restless energy that pushes up new platforms, flattens earlier expectations and creates whole new ways to connect. The digital world is evermore complex, creative, informative, engaging and even fun. Businesses have got to be a part of this new age of discovery. And the start of a new year is the perfect time to configure – or reconfigure – your social media map to see what opportunities are out there and how to plant your brand flag in all the right places.

Here are 7 tips for becoming a more creative Columbus:

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Home Sweet Home On the Internet – Selling Real Estate with Social Media Marketing and Emotional Branding

Realtors are some of the best real world self-promoters among small business professionals but individual agents often miss the mark in making a useful digital connection. Even being tech-savvy doesn’t ensure success. There is an opportunity to create value and distinction through emotional branding, social media and content marketing but you have to consider what stories to share and how your audience cares. You have to engage, inform and inspire in order to stand out and connect in a meaningful way. Read more →

How To Make Your Artist Statement More Authentic – 5 Key Insights

Authentic and authenticity are are as good as gold in marketing messages these days – the words are meant to add a lustre of real truth to whatever is being sold, the feeling that a genuine connection is being made. It’s the experience and memory of that feeling, that authentic connection, which creates a stronger bond between the product and the person. Dove Soap does this with their “Get Real” campaign and while it’s easy to be cynical about a large corporation truly caring about ordinary women, it’s been a huge success for the brand driving up sales and making their video ads massively shared.

So what does authenticity have to do with an Artist Statement? I’ve worked with lots of artists of all different styles but their common denominator is an almost blinding pain when it comes to saying something meaningful – and relatable – about their work. The language becomes a chore and you get the sense that they’re just grinding it out in a dead voice or hiding their private truth behind a wall of big words. It’s often a missed opportunity to connect with and inspire whoever is reading and thoughtfully wanting to know more about an artist’s creativity. Read more →

Creative Inspiration and the Gift-Giving Season

A year of freelance writing connections and social media curiousity ended with me foraging for wild greenery in wintry Pennsylvania and spellbound by a thousand stars high over an old church on the eastern coast of Maui. One journey prompted by a click, the other by a client. In neither case did I get there in body but at least both were a great ride for my creative spirit. Read more →

Free Hugs Here – Emotional Branding and How to Draw In Your Audience

There has never been a better time for brands – whether corporate or personal – to have a meaningful conversation with an audience but too many companies have yet to engage – or yet to inspire – with this increasingly essential marketing strategy. Like our cuddly cat and dog pair, emotional branding has the potential to create unexpected connections and lasting bonds.  Read more →