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How To Make Your Artist Statement More Authentic – 5 Key Insights

Authentic and authenticity are are as good as gold in marketing messages these days – the words are meant to add a lustre of real truth to whatever is being sold, the feeling that a genuine connection is being made. It’s the experience and memory of that feeling, that authentic connection, which creates a stronger bond between the product and the person. Dove Soap does this with their “Get Real” campaign and while it’s easy to be cynical about a large corporation truly caring about ordinary women, it’s been a huge success for the brand driving up sales and making their video ads massively shared.

So what does authenticity have to do with an Artist Statement? I’ve worked with lots of artists of all different styles but their common denominator is an almost blinding pain when it comes to saying something meaningful – and relatable – about their work. The language becomes a chore and you get the sense that they’re just grinding it out in a dead voice or hiding their private truth behind a wall of big words. It’s often a missed opportunity to connect with and inspire whoever is reading and thoughtfully wanting to know more about an artist’s creativity. Read more →

Here’s Looking At You Kid – How Movie Lines Move An Audience

The coming summer season in Vancouver (summer?! Vancouver?!) brings with it the added treat of outdoor movie screenings. I once shared a viewing of Mamma Mia in Stanley Park with a sparkling group of fireflies buzzing with Abba-inspired energy. That movie – let alone Meryl Streep in bluejean overalls – seemed more appropriate in the ragged outdoors than in the formality of a theatre.  During all the musical numbers, the crowd got carried away with the lyrics. It seems everyone knew every song by heart. It was a field full of grass-stained Super Troupers and Dancing Queens.

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