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The Social Media Landscape – 7 Tips to Find Your Way Forward

Like plate tectonics, the social media landscape is always shifting. Sometimes with earthquaking force but more commonly as a rolling, restless energy that pushes up new platforms, flattens earlier expectations and creates whole new ways to connect. The digital world is evermore complex, creative, informative, engaging and even fun. Businesses have got to be a part of this new age of discovery. And the start of a new year is the perfect time to configure – or reconfigure – your social media map to see what opportunities are out there and how to plant your brand flag in all the right places.

Here are 7 tips for becoming a more creative Columbus:

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How To Survive a Panda Attack – 5 Creative Content SEO Strategies

Google has introduced a number of updates that have significantly altered its search engine results page. The Panda updates – named after Google engineer Navneet Panda – are part of Google’s continuing effort to weed out the influence of low-quality sites that are packed with SEO keywords (and ads) but little worthwhile content. A useful step but changing the rules for search engine rankings can cause companies to panic. Suddenly every website needs to protect itself from a cute, overweight, vegetarian bear. Growl.

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